Where you operate on a delegated arrangement we will contact you separately.

The surveys are based on the insurance industry information exchange Survey, supported by BIBA, LMA and the ABI. We have included a few additional questions that are vital to meet our value assessment obligations.

You have the ability to access this portal multiple times, allowing you to complete the surveys in your own time.

Once you have completed the required information, RSA will perform our product review and we may contact you again if we need clarify or further detail on any information provided.

IMPORTANT: Only one person can access the portal at any one time. If more than one person accesses the portal there is a risk of data corruption.

Information required to complete surveys

To help make completing the surveys a smooth process, we recommend having certain key information to hand before you start:

  • The commission and fee income you receive for each product you place with RSA

  • The numbers and roles of sub-distributors within the distribution chain, their commission or fee income information, along with the services they provide.

  • An overview of any other services you provide with the RSA products and the fees and charges for those services


In order to save your work, it is important to ensure you 'submit' at the end of each product survey, before exiting or closing your laptop.


To login to your personalised Distributor Information survey, you will need your unique ID and password that was recently emailed to you. If you did not receive this email please contact: prodgovdistribution@uk.rsagroup.com.

(You will be asked to change your password the first time you enter)
For more information about Product Governance please visit our website.

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